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Challenging hate,
building communities

Support the HOPE not hate campaign

HOPE not hate exists to provide a positive antidote to the politics of hate. We seek to overcome the politics and division by building resilience within local communities, equipping activists with the tools they need and monitoring and exposing the activities of hate groups.

The HOPE not hate campaign was founded in 2004 in the face of a growing and increasingly successful British National Party. We mobilised local communities, exposed BNP councillors and combined traditional community organising with modern election techniques. In 2010 we helped stopped the BNP from winning control of Barking & Dagenham council elections, with its £200m a year budget, by mobilising 1,500 people and delivering 355,000 pieces of literature in just six weeks. The defeat of the BNP has given us the space to undertake some of the longer term work needed to heal divided communities and also to tackle UKIP's growing anti-immigrant policies. In 2015 we helped limit UKIP to just one MP by running very intensive campaigns in many of its key target areas.

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HOPE not hate challenges hate wherever it finds it. We have recently begun a new programme to counter organised anti-Muslim hatred across Europe and we also challenge Islamist extremism in local communities.

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