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Get registered before 18 April and have your say on 5 May 2016

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DON’T GET FROZEN OUT, get registered before 18 April and have your say on 5 May 2016

Did you know that the way we register to vote has changed? Now, everyone has to individually register themselves, using their National Insurance Number. A college, university or family member can't register you anymore.

On 5 May, there are 2 elections taking place in London alone and another five across the UK, so I made sure to check that I’m registered well before the 18 April deadline. But I want to make sure you DON’T GET FROZEN OUT either, because I know you care as much as I do!

It takes just two minutes, so please:

-- Check if you are already registered by contacting your Electoral Services. You can find their details here -

-- Just register online now, if you did not register under the new system or if you moved home since -

And then, why not join me and others in making sure 1.7million people in London and 5mllion across the UK DON’T GET FROZEN out of 7 elections!

-- Join a Voter Registration event near you

-- Run your own Voter Registration drive

go to to find out more

They think we don’t CARE! But we do, so let’s show them.

Thank you and happy defrosting

P.S.: To find out more about the joint HOPE not hate and Ben & Jerry’s Voter Registration Campaign “DON’T GET FROZEN OUT!” visit

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